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Property Sale & Leaseback

Would you like to release the Capital from your Business Premises whilst still remaining in occupation?

If you need to release the capital tied up in your commercial business premises but still wish to remain in occupation then a sale & leaseback arrangement could be the perfect solution.

Sale and Leaseback is the term used to describe the process of selling your property or land onto a private investment firm who will then grant an occupational lease back to you in order for you to continue occupying the premises whilst still running your business.

We have helped many businesses across all sectors realise the value of their assets whilst retaining the goodwill of still being able to operate from their current location.

We can achieve up to 100% of the market value on any commercial property

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A property sale & leaseback arrangement provides an attractive combination of cash proceeds, competitive cost of funds and low risk for your business.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a Sale and Leaseback arrangement:

Sale and Leaseback offers a practical solution to such issues as capital raising, re-financing, retirements and the buying out of partners and or other investors.

Leaves your property maintenance worries to a dedicated in-house property management team providing you with a consistent point of contact for any property related issues going forward.

Sale and Leaseback allows your business to operate from the same premises   whilst avoiding the risks associated with owning the property.

It carries potential tax benefits as the leasing costs are offset as an operating expense.

The fixed monthly rental payments under sale and leaseback make cash flow management a simpler task.

There are many benefits to choosing a sale and leaseback arrangement, please therefore contact us to discuss how we can help release the tied up capital within your property.

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