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Business & Private Equity Acquisitions

Looking to Sell your Business?
We could be your buyer

We partner with a multinational investment group with targeted business investments and acquisitions in the US/UK/Canada & Australia. The group have closed over 300 successful transactions, representing over 47 Billion in transactional value covering virtually every industry. Partners in the group have experiences ranging from corporate lawyers, certified accountants, M&A analysts, business owners, corporate advisors, company directors, institutional investors and private equity funders.


This allows us to put forward a firm finance and purchasing plan to acquire any business which fits within our criteria.

What we are looking for:

Our focus is to locate and evaluate potential business buying opportunities with strong net assets, good profit margins along with a preferential second tier management structure in place, this criteria therefore will allow us to maintain the core foundations of the business we acquire in order for us to support ongoing strategies, scale, legacy, retention of employees and of course long term growth potential.

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In all instances please contact us on a nothing ventured - nothing gained informal basis to see how it goes with no obligation either way to proceed further than our initial confidential chat.

You never know, we may just be the buyer you have been looking for!

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